What You Should Know About the Cricut Maker

What You Should Know About the Cricut Maker

Introducing the Cricut Maker! This machine is a must-have for any sewing or crafting room. In a very short amount of time, the Cricut Maker has completely changed the way I sew! Here’s everything that you need to know before making a purchase.

What You Should Know About the Cricut Maker | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

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About the Cricut Maker

Although this post is sponsored by Cricut, any opinions given are completely my own. I was compensated in some way for writing this post. 

I have been looking at machines for a long time, comparing different features and contemplating what I would use them for in my creative business. Because each Cricut model does many different things, I had a hard time choosing between them. It was difficult to know which options would be best for me and exactly how I would use them without first trying out the machine.

One of the best features of the Cricut Maker, is the ability to design with Cricut on my iPad using their adaptive tool system. There are a few Cricut Machines that do this, but the Maker stood out in my opinion. It seemed like most reviews I read for the machine were in regard to its ability to cut Heat Transfer Vinyl (or HTV), paper or plastic for making stencils. Since I haven’t used a lot of those materials in my creative business, it just didn’t seem like the right fit for me.

Recently, I stumbled across an online video from one of my blogger friends of the Cricut Maker cutting entire sewing pattern pieces. This was a total game changer for me, and I knew that I would use Cricut Maker a lot for this exact purpose! I couldn’t wait to get one and start using it for my projects! Excitingly, the folks at Cricut chose me for their Maker campaign. Thank you, Cricut!

What You Should Know About the Cricut Maker | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

Ease of Use

Being new to this type of equipment, I was pleased to find out how easy the Cricut Maker is to use. It only has 2 cords to plug-in and takes just minutes to set up. The blades and supplies can all be stored right with the machine, another huge plus since I am organizationally challenged.

Especially helpful is the color coordination of the pieces. I can tell by the color which pieces go together and exactly what they cut. Everything comes labeled and is easy to read. This makes set up so simple!

Cricut Maker Review | Chambray Blues

The cutting mats come in different colors as well. Since the Cricut Maker cuts virtually any fabric, there are different mats for each type of media. Some of these materials include printer paper (light grip), cardstock (standard grip), or fabric and leather (heavy grip). The mats have an adhesive that keeps your materials in place while the blade is cutting for the most accurate cut. It’s easy to remove the material after cutting. Cricut also supplies handy tools for precisely lifting your cut design off the mat. They have truly thought of everything!

Cricut Maker Review | Chambray Blues

Cricut also has basic sewing tools to accompany your Maker for any sewing project. These are great for beginning sewers and it has all the basics: fabric scissors, tape measure, leather thimble, pin cushion, pins, seam ripper, and thread clippers. They also have a variety of marking pens.  I love that they all match and look lovely sitting out in my sewing room!

Sewing with Cricut

One of the most exciting aspects of my owning a Cricut Maker is that they have a partnership with Simplicity patterns. There are a number of Simplicity patterns that you can download from the Cricut Design Space right to your Cricut Maker and cut. How simple is that?! How simple is that?! The Cricut Access gives you access to an endless digital sewing pattern library of ready to make projects. This, in addition to their expandable suite of tools, provides endless possibilities.

Here are a few examples of the Simplicity patterns available through Cricut:

  • doll clothes
  • children’s clothes
  • hats
  • bow ties
  • headbands
  • various accessories
  • quilt blocks

Obviously, there are some limitations since the cutting area is only so large, and the fabric size is limited to the size of the cutting mat. But it is amazing how this technology is possible!

You can cut hundreds of material fabrics you can cut using the Cricut Maker including:

  • cotton wovens
  • polyester
  • denim
  • felt
  • canvas
  • bonded fabrics such as craft felt, web, or fleece.

What You Should Know About the Cricut Maker | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

My first Cricut project will be ready soon! Have you used the Cricut Maker? What did you make? I would love to know! You can share your projects in my Facebook group.

Thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this post!

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What You Should Know About the Cricut Maker | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

Although this is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut, the opinions and text are my own.