Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut

Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut

This DIY bow tie is made using the Cricut Maker and a Simplicity pattern. Using this method, you will be able to create a new bow tie in no time!

Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut | Chambray Blues |

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Simple Bow Tie

You can easily make this bow tie with Cricut Maker! My love affair with both this machine and Simplicity patterns is neverending! The Simplicity pattern for this sewing project is downloaded from Cricut Design Space to your Cricut and precisely cut! All that is left to do is sew it together! Super fast construction and practically no effort on your part, not at all like cutting out a pattern on your own where there are so many steps to follow!

Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut | Chambray Blues |

Recently, our son needed a fun bow tie to wear to a graduation party. He didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I decided to make him one instead from this beautiful cotton fabric I had in my stash.

Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut | Chambray Blues |


Simplicity Bow Tie | Chambray Blues

Bow Tie with Cricut | Chambray Blues


1. Trim the fabric to be cut 9″ x 15″ for the 12 x 24″ fabric mat. (Keep the grain parallel to the 9″ side.) Place fabric face down on the mat, roll with Cricut roller to press firmly in place FACE DOWN on mat.

2. Read through the printed PDF sewing directions so that you understand how the tie is put together before beginning.

3. Insert fabric grip mat into Cricut and cut the pattern. This pattern is a size 3T, which was a little small for my guy. So, I cut it TWICE from the same fabric and made the neckband longer to fit him.

Simplicity Bow Tie | Chambray Blues

4. Pin bow sections with the right sides together and stitch along the top and also the bottom long edge, leaving ends free. I measured my pieces to be sure they would be large enough for my son’s neck. They were a good size.

5. Turn bow right side out and then stitch the ends together. Bring seam to center.

Simplicity Bow Tie | Chambray Blues

6. I added a little topstitching on either end of the bow to keep it in place.

7. Fold the band in half lengthwise. With right sides together, stitch raw edges of TWO band pieces together while leaving an opening to turn on the long edge. (The band should be long enough to go comfortably around the neck while overlapping by about 2″.) Trim corners, then turn right side out and press.

8. Either topstitch the opening on the band closed or slip stitch with a needle and thread.

9. Turn right side out while bringing the seam to center on underside and press in place. Fold in half lengthwise.

Bow Tie with Cricut | Chambray Blues

10. Wrap center bow piece around the middle of the bow and then attach it to center front of the band using slipstitch through all layers.

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut | Chambray Blues

11. Sew snaps on by hand at the back of the band, about 1″ apart.

Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut | Chambray Blues |

Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut | Chambray Blues |

This tie looks so perfect on him. My son had a ball at his party and has even requested a couple more bow ties to go with a few of his other outfits.

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