DIY Pocket Square in 3 Easy Steps

DIY Pocket Square in 3 Easy Steps

I recently made this DIY pocket square in just 3 easy steps! It was the perfect finishing touch for my son’s tuxedo. This is both an excellent and incredibly simple way to save a few dollars during your next formal event!

DIY Pocket Square in 3 Easy Steps | Chambray Blues |

Easy Pocket Square

Formal events get expensive quickly. Every dollar you spend adds up, so why not save a few bucks on the accessories? I recently made a DIY pocket square for my son’s big night out at prom. It’s an easy project which is completed in less than 30 minutes.

I used a scrap piece of fabric from my stash for this project. The deep red shade was just what I was looking for. This fabric is stretch cotton sateen. However,  you can also use a knit or satin fabric for this project. For this project, you can simply hand stitch or use a sewing machine.

There are many ways to accomplish a pocket square fold including the presidential fold and puff fold. For my sons pocket square, we chose a simple fold.


1. Cut a square of fabric 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. Grainline doesn’t really matter here since it’s a square piece.

2. Make a rolled hem by stitching a 1/4″ seam all the way around the edges. Press.

3. Sew another row of hemstitching by turning the edge over again, and stitching in place. Press.

DIY Pocket Square in 3 Easy Steps | Chambray Blues |

Fold your pocket square in quarters and tuck it into your jacket breast pocket. If you haven’t worn a pocket square before with your jacket, you may need to open the basting stitches of the pocket with a seam ripper, then tuck the square in place.

DIY Pocket Square in 3 Easy Steps | Chambray Blues |

That’s it! This DIY pocket square added the perfect touch of color to my son’s tuxedo. This easy pocket square would also make a great gift for a groom or groomsmen while adding so much class to the outfit.

You could also make a simple matching bow tie for a complete ensemble!

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