DIY Denim Vest with Recycled Fabric

DIY Denim Vest with Recycled Fabric

Denim vests and denim jackets are very trendy as of late. Here’s how to make a DIY denim vest using recycled fabric! Pretty soon, your friends will be asking you to make one for them as well.

DIY Denim Vest with Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues |

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DIY Denim Vest

This DIY denim vest is easy to make using 3 pairs of old denim jeans. The pattern is super easy to follow, even for the beginning sewer. You can purchase the pattern from Annie’s Craft Store.

DIY Denim Vest with Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues |

Since this is a PDF pattern download, you will have immediate access to the sewing pattern. It comes in sizes small up to 3x and has a rather generous fit. Once you purchase the pattern you will need to tape the pieces together and cut out as shown below before cutting from your fabric.

DIY Denim Vest Supplies | Chambray Blues

Vest Supplies

  • 3 pairs similarly colored denim jeans with little or no stretch
  • PDF sewing pattern for the Modern Silhouette Vest from Annie’s Craft Store
  • scissors
  • thread
  • pins
  • sewing machine
DIY Denim Vest with Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues |

Sewing Directions

1. Lay out the pattern pieces in order from left to right. Cut off the right and bottom side of each pattern piece along the marked line. Assemble the pattern from left to right matching the marked diamonds. A1 matches piece A1, B1 matches B1, etc. Tape pieces together. Cut out your desired size on the marked lines.
2. Lay out the jeans as directed in the pattern, placing your pattern pieces accordingly. Pin in place then cut out.
3. Sew the first panel with stay stitching 1/2” from the curved edge of both the side front and side back pieces as directed in the pattern. This line of stitching keeps the pieces from stretching while you are working on it. Press.
4. Beginning with the front side panel and front panel, match the seam edges with the WRONG side together. Stitch with 5/8” seam allowance keeping seam to the outside of the garment as shown in the photo.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the back panels, keeping seam to the outside of the garment. Press.
6. Topstitch seam allowances on front panels on either side of seam 1/4” away from the center. Repeat for back panels. Press.
7. Sew shoulder seam and side seams together with the right sides together. The seam allowance will not show on the outside of the garment for these seams. Press.
8. I did not finish the hem, neck or armhole seams. I prefer the raw edges to show. If you wish you can either zig-zag stitch or serge the raw edges in these areas to finish them.
This project is quick to put together and also sew. It’s a great way to get more use out of those old jeans that would otherwise be thrown away or be sent to the thrift store. You could also use recycled bits of fleece or wool for this project!

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DIY Denim Vest with Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues |

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