Riley Blake Spinning Wheels Quilt with Cricut : Part 3

Riley Blake Spinning Wheels Quilt with Cricut : Part 3

The big reveal is here! My Riley Blake Spinning Wheels quilt is finished! I had so much fun completing this project while cutting all these lovely Riley Blake fabrics on my Cricut Maker.

Riley Blake Spinning Wheels Quilt : Part 3 | Chambray Blues |

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Spinning Wheels Quilt

I am so excited to share the third and final part of this quilting series with you! The big reveal is finally here. This Riley Blake Spinning Wheels throw quilt is made using a kit by Cricut and Riley Blake Quilt Designs. I can’t wait to cuddle with it on cool evenings out on the porch!

I have done two other posts in this series about this entire quilting process. You can read more about how this entire project came together:

Riley Blake Quilt : part 1

Riley Blake Quilt : part 2

Riley Blake Spinning Wheels Quilt : Part 3 | Chambray Blues |

Although this post is sponsored by Riley Blake Designs and Cricut, any opinions given are my own.

Riley Blake Spinning Wheels Quilt : Part 3 | Chambray Blues |

Assembling the Quilt

This Riley Blake quilt is made from 4″ quilt blocks that are assembled into the Spinning Wheels design. The great thing about this project is that the Cricut Maker cuts all those little pieces for you. You can read more about that in part 1 of this series.

Cut the pieces using the Cricut Maker and then it’s a simple step-by-step process of sewing them two at a time. Each Spinning Wheels block has 4 small blocks to make the larger blocks.

I made a number of step-by-step videos for this project as it can be difficult to grasp at first. Explaining this construction of this quilt on video is so much easier.

You can find video tutorials for this project on my YouTube channel. Here’s the basic block construction video:

If you have done any quilting before, you know how much easier it is to quilt when all the pieces are cut exactly the same. The Cricut Maker is such a great tool for quilting. Because all of the pieces are machine cut, they fit together without a lot of fussing and trimming. Honestly, I would have never attempted this Spinning Wheels quilt pattern on my own because I know how time-consuming and physically draining it would be to cut all those little pieces by hand. With the Cricut Maker cutting the pieces, the entire process is so much more enjoyable!

After the blocks are assembled the outside frame or borders are added. Once it’s put together with the other layers, it’s time to quilt and then bind it. I enjoy hand stitching the outside border in place. It’s a great way to relax while watching TV in the evening.

Riley Blake Spinning Wheels Quilt : Part 3 | Chambray Blues |

5 Tips for the Spinning Wheels Quilt

1. Assemble the quilt blocks in small sections. Make all 4″ blocks, then go on to the larger ones. If you struggle to match the seams, use small strips of fusible tape to hold them in place.

2. Press seam allowances toward the darker fabric on each square. This way the seam allowance doesn’t show behind the white pieces.

3. Starch the large blocks while pressing before assembling the rows. This makes joining the seams both easier and more accurate. It will help the quilting process move much more smoothly.

4. Use a spray basting adhesive or large safety pins to make the quilt “sandwich” with the backing fabric and fiberfill before quilting.

5. Channel the quilt at 8″ intervals (stitching in the ditch of the seams) while using a longer single needle stitch and also a walking foot on your machine.

I cover many more helpful tips in my videos. Be sure to check them out before attempting this Spinning Wheels quilt!

Riley Blake Quilt Kit | Chambray Blues |

Do you remember what the kit looked like before? Such pretty fabrics and a great combination of patterns thanks to Riley Blake Designs.

Riley Blake Quilt Kit | Chambray Blues |

Spinning Wheels Supplies

This Daisey Days quilt kit can be used to create several different designs as you can see on the package. Some of my blogging friends made the other designs while using the same kit! Be sure to check out their projects as well!

Thanks to Cricut and Riley Blake Designs for sponsoring this post!

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Riley Blake Spinning Wheels Quilt : Part 3 | Chambray Blues |








Although this is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut, the opinions and text are my own.

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