Flock of Flamingos T-Shirts with Cricut

Flock of Flamingos T-Shirts with Cricut

These flock of flamingos t-shirts with Cricut are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Throw one on with a light sweater and a pair of your favorite handmade jeans for a cute yet comfy outfit!

Flock of Flamingos T-Shirts with Cricut | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

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Flamingo T-Shirts with Cricut

My Cricut has been getting quite a workout lately! These t-shirts are hot off the EasyPress and very simple to make. I’ve been designing t-shirts for Cricut on the side and I love how simple they are, they always turn out great! The Cricut heat transfer vinyl is a great product that is fun to use for any t-shirt design. I purchased t-shirts for this collection rather than sewing from scratch to speed up the process.

The designs were easy to make using existing fonts and images in the Cricut Design Space. I like to start with a t-shirt template, then add the images. In this case, I wanted Flamingos, so I searched for them in Design Space and had lots of designs to choose from. They have thousands of images available to you! After I chose my image, I then added text to go with it. Usually, I try one or two fonts before choosing one that I like the best. In most cases, I prefer fonts that are easy to read.

The majority of my graphic designs have both a print font and a cursive font which gives the design more interest. Sometimes there will be a design already made (such as the “I don’t give a flock design”), then you just have to choose your colors for the vinyl. Because I like simplicity in my design, I only use 2 colors of vinyl in each shirt. Occasionally the design has to be made larger, which is easy to do in design space with the click of your mouse.

Flock of Flamingos T-Shirt Supplies

Flock of Flamingos T-Shirts with Cricut | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

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Flock of Flamingos T-Shirts with Cricut | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com


1. You can access this design on my Cricut page here. Download the design to your design space page.

2. Place your first color vinyl on the cutting mat according to the Cricut cutting directions. Be sure to use a roller to adhere the vinyl to the mat securely before cutting. Place your vinyl with the shiny side DOWN on the mat.

3. Cut using the Cricut Maker then weed out (remove the extra vinyl) from the outside area around the design.

4. Cut the remaining vinyl piece while you are weeding out the first one using the weeding tool.

5. Cut the pieces apart and place them with the sticky side of the plastic down on the shirt. Move them around a bit until they are centered from the top (I use 2-3 finger widths from the bottom of the neck as a guide). You must also center the design from left to right on the shirt (use the underarm seam as a visual guide for this).

6. After the design is in place, cover it with a press cloth or Cricut heatproof mat. Press with your EasyPress set to 320 degrees for 30 seconds. You can also use an iron on the hottest setting if you don’t have a heat press (be sure to iron all parts of the design equally).

7. Turn the shirt over, press again on the back for an additional 20 seconds. Turn shirt to the front, peel off the plastic vinyl backing while it’s still warm (you can tell if your vinyl isn’t set completely it will peel off with the backing. You may need to re-press if it’s not completely adhered to the shirt.)

Flock of Flamingos T-Shirts with Cricut | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

Putting the vinyl on the shirts is more or less the same for each design. The Cricut Maker will tell you which colors to use step by step, just follow the general directions above.

I have already done all the design work, so all you have to do is press “Make It”!

Flock of Flamingos T-Shirts with Cricut | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

It’s so much fun to whip up a new shirt to go with your favorite me-made jeans! More on the jeans later!

Kids Flamingo Tee with Cricut | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

Additional Designs

For this children’s design, I used a 4-5T white t-shirt that I purchased from Walmart.

Vinyl colors in this shirt are Iron-On Vinyl in Blush Pink and the Aquamarine from the Patterned Iron-On Sampler used above. Your little ones will love wearing their flamingo shirts!

Download this design here!

Kids Flamingo Tee with Cricut | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

This t-shirt is also an XL adult size, but you can use any adult sized shirt for this project.

The vinyl colors here are the same as above, Iron-On Light Vinyl in Blush Pink and the Aquamarine Patterned Iron-On Sampler.

Download this design here for your Cricut Maker.

Enjoy your Flock of Flamingos T-Shirts with Cricut!

Thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this post!

Although this is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut, the opinions and text are my own.

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