Make a Chill’n Cricut #YogaLife T-Shirts

Make a Chill’n Cricut #YogaLife T-Shirts

T-shirts are part of our everyday wardrobe, here’s how you can make your own #YogaLife t-shirts using your Cricut Maker!

DIY #YogaLife T-Shirts with Cricut | Chambray Blues |

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DIY #YogaLife T-Shirts

I often wear t-shirts to bed, to the grocery store, and certainly to yoga class. Although I sometimes sew my own,  I have found that by using the Cricut Maker I can be creative but not overwhelmed by yet another sewing project. Making t-shirts while using the Cricut has become quite a phenomenon. Some folks even make t-shirts as part of their small home businesses.

Cricut recently asked me if I would share my t-shirt designs collection with you! Creating a project using these designs is rather simple. Login to Design Space on the Cricut website here and click Make it!

While this post is sponsored by Cricut, any opinions given are completely my own. For a complete list of rules see the disclosure page.

DIY #YogaLife T-Shirts with Cricut | Chambray Blues |

My blank t-shirts come from Walmart. You can most likely find them in almost any store near you as well as online. When buying your t-shirt, remember that most t-shirts shrink at least 10-20 percent in the laundry. It is best if you can wash and pre-shrink your shirt before putting the graphics on it. The Cricut HTV Iron-On Vinyl (Heat Transfer Vinyl) is a very impressive product. It adheres easily to cotton and blended fiber shirts as well as washes well.

However, for durability, drying them on high heat is not recommended. Because of this, tumble dry on low or hang dry for the best results with the colored vinyl. Additionally, the metallic vinyls are more delicate and should not go in the dryer at all. I do not recommend using generic vinyls in any form, as they will not hold up as well and as a result, you will wish you had used the Cricut brand.

#YogaLife T-Shirts Supplies Needed

White or Black T-Shirts (mine were adult size LT)

Activewear Camisoles (I used adult size XL)

White Toddler Size T-Shirt (I used a 4T)

White Baby Onesie (mine was a 3 month size)

Cricut Black and White Iron-On HTV-Vinyl

Cricut Rose Gold Metallic Iron-On HTV-Vinyl

Standard Grip Cutting Mat

Cricut Maker or another Cricut Machine

Cricut Easy Press and also Cricut Pressing Mat


DIY #YogaLife T-Shirts with Cricut | Chambray Blues |

#YogaLife Adult T-Shirt Directions

1. Chose which shirt you want to make and then download the design file from the Cricut website below:

#YogaLife Design File

Yoga Posse Design File

Yoga is My Happy Place Design File

White Medallion Circle of Life Design File

Rose Gold Circle of Life Medallion Design File


2. Choose your iron-on vinyl color. Cut the vinyl to fit on the 12″ x 12″ mat. Place vinyl with shiny side down on the mat. Roll with a brayer to smooth vinyl while removing any air bubbles.

3. Insert the mat in the Cricut and then follow the prompts for cutting the vinyl. Be sure the “mirror image” button is selected for designs with text. Remove the vinyl from the mat after cutting.

4. Weed out the negative space in the design while using the weeding tools. I find it’s easiest to do this under a window with good light. You can also tape the vinyl to a bright window for weeding out the medallion designs that are more complicated.

Tip: Weed from the outside of the design towards the interior of the design while working in a circular motion. This keeps you from getting confused, making a mistake and as a result, removing parts of the vinyl that are needed for the design. When the design is more intricate, this is even more important. Those medallions take a bit of patience to weed out!

5. Cut away any excess plastic from around the design. Gently place the design on your shirt to determine placement. Use 2-3 finger widths as a guide under the neckline determine where to put the graphic. Be sure your design is centered left to right, using the armpit area of the shirt for a visual to center the design.

6. Heat up your Easy Press to 320 degrees, or heat your iron on the hottest setting. Cover the design with a pressing mat or press cloth and press for 20 seconds. Turn the shirt over, cover with the pressing mat and press for an additional 20 seconds.

7. Remove the mat and let the shirt cool slightly. Then gently pull off the plastic vinyl backing while making sure all vinyl is adhered to the shirt. Your shirt is now ready to wear!

T-Shirt Design Tutorial

Here’s how I design my t-shirts in the Cricut Design Space. It’s very easy to use and so much fun that I had to make a video to show you!

Children’s T-Shirt Directions

1. Download your chosen file from Design Space using the link below:

Child Pose Design File

Warrior Pose Design File

2. Depending on what size you are making you may have to adjust the size of the graphic a bit for your shirt. Next, simply follow the directions for the adult shirts as listed above. I use the same 2-3 finger placement technique under the neckline while placing the graphics.


I would love to see photos of your finished shirts! Share them with me using the #chambraybluesshirts for a chance to be featured on Instagram. You can also join our Chambray Blues Facebook Group for even more tips and inspiration!



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Although this is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut, the opinions and text are all mine.


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DIY #Yogalife T-Shirts Made with Cricut | Chambray Blues |


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