Sew Along Dinner Date Dress Reveal

Sew Along Dinner Date Dress Reveal

The sew along is over, and I have so much to share on this project! This pattern is just stunning and you need to make one for your wardrobe ASAP!

Red Dinner Date Dress Sew Along|chambraybluesblog|
The neckline of this dress is stunning!


Red Dinner Date Dress

The red dinner date dress is finally done! I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. This is princess seam dress is Vogue #V1542. If you follow my Facebook page, you will know that we had a sew along during the month of December for this dress. The designer Vogue pattern has good sewing directions and is overall easy to sew. Don’t let the fancy neckline intimidate you, it’s actually quite simple. I think it’s the neckline that draws everyone to this particular style! It is so delicate and feminine looking, with the handmade details it almost looks like a couture dress. This style would be great for date night, Valentine’s Day, weddings, evening dinner parties or other evening events. Add a shawl and a pretty clutch bag to make a complete look!

Red Dinner Date Dress|Chambraybluesblog|
The floral motif and draped cording is easy to make.


Red Dinner Dress Supplies Needed

• 4 yards 45″ wide red sueded polyester fabric (affiliate link)

• 3 static free polyester lining fabric, 45″ wide (affiliate link)

• 20″ invisible zipper

•Matching thread

•Sewing machine, pins, scissors


My choice for fabric for this project was a sueded polyester. If I made this dress again I think I would choose a crepe or a velvet instead. The polyester unraveled a lot and showed water spots from pressing. Polyester is not very forgiving, and was hard to shape and mold into the close fit that I wanted for this dress. The dress on the pattern envelope was made from Linen which would also be a good choice for this pattern.


Red dinner date dress reveal|chambraybluesblog|
My sloping shoulders make me feel like the straps won’t stay up on this dress.

Other than the fabric issue, I should have made a few more alterations before I started. I added 5″ to the body length of the dress as it was rather short for my tall 5’8″ frame. I prefer a longer, knee length dress.

Red Dinner dress|chambraybluesblog|


Getting the Dress to Fit Proper

This photo is so embarrassing! I spent a lot of time fitting the front of my dress, however I neglected to fit the back. How could I not even think of that?? See all those wrinkles at the waist? Those shouldn’t be there! I need to make a sway back adjustment next time with this dress. Also, the armholes are a bit snug for me and I would make it about 1/2″ lower next time around. I have since purchased a full length mirror for my sewing room so I will not make the same mistake again!

The skirt is a bias ruffle, which has a lovely drape and adds to the flattery of the dress. However, it’s not an easy pattern piece to alter. For this reason, be sure to make any needed alterations to the body of the dress and not the ruffle part. I have decided that I will wear a shall with this dress to cover my mistakes in the back of it, if I decide to wear it at all. It’s not my best work and I just don’t feel that comfortable in it. Did I mention I also cut a small hole in the fabric when doing my zipper installation???? Yikes!

Vogue Fit Options

Vogue patterns have a fitting guide on them to help you decide which styles will look the best on your body type. According to the Vogue website, this dress is suitable for the following body types:

Inverted TriangeTHE INVERTED TRIANGLE: Large bust and/or broad shoulders with narrow hips.

TriangleTHE TRIANGLE: Small bust and/or narrow shoulders with full hips and/or thighs.

RectangleTHE RECTANGLE: Balanced on top and bottom, but boxy, with little or no waist definition.

HourglassTHE HOURGLASS: Equally balanced on top and bottom, with a trim waist.

Part of the reason I chose to make this dress was because I was confident that it would look on my apple or rectangular shaped figure. I am not so sure I agree with Vogue that this is a flattering cut for me. It may have been more flattering if I didn’t have large sloping shoulders. I feel like the dress is snug under the arms, and sliding down at the shoulders. I may need to add some elastic underneath the shoulders pieces to make it more secure. This suggestion came from someone on our Chambray Blues Facebook page. It’s a very good idea and I must say I would have never thought of it myself. I love the power of community, we are stronger together than we are on our own! Be sure to stop by and like our page, share a project or ask for advice!

Red Dinner Date Dress Reveal|chambraybluesblog|
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The next dress we are sewing is a cut and sew sweater dress. Read this post to learn about cut and sew sweater knits, then find a pretty knit dress pattern and fabric to join along! I will post more updates on Facebook, you won’t want to miss it!

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