Self Draft a Simple Sequin Skirt

Self Draft a Simple Sequin Skirt

Self drafting a sequin skirt for a special event isn’t as hard as you may think. Here is my step-by-step process for sewing with sequins.

Self Draft a Simple Sequin Skirt|Chambray Blues|

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Simple Sequin Skirt

Sequins are always a popular choice, especially in the winter season. I made this simple DIY skirt in just a few steps using basic body measurements. The matching t-shirt was also incredibly easy to make with the help of my Cricut Maker. This beautiful gold sequined fabric was even on clearance after the holidays at Hobby Lobby! Although this was my first time sewing with sequins, it certainly won’t be my last. They aren’t nearly as hard to sew as you may think. (I think a sequin pencil skirt would be a fun addition to my closet!)

In order to self draft the skirt sewing pattern, you will need waist and hip measurements, as well as the total length from your waist to the floor.

Self Draft a Simple Sequin Skirt|Chambray Blues|

Sequin Skirt Drafting Directions:

  1. Fold a large piece of craft paper in half lengthwise. Place the paper on a table so that the fold is closest to you. Be sure the paper is both longer and wider than your basic measurements, but not larger than your piece of sequin fabric. My fabric was 48″ wide so my pattern could not exceed that width.
  2. Divide your waist measurement in half. If your waist is 40″ divided by 2 = 20″.  Jot this down on a piece of paper. Next, mark this measurement with a straight line using a pencil across the top edge of the paper. This will be your skirt pattern front, we will also use the same piece for the skirt back.
  3. Decide how many gathers you’d like in your skirt waist. My skirt has 6″ of gathers in the center. To calculate the gathered amount of fabric, multiply this measurement x 2. So 6″ x 2″ =12″ of fabric needed for the gathers. Because you are working on the fold, you will be making half the pattern. Draw a vertical line near the left edge of the paper, starting at the fold and going toward the other edge for the waistline. Mark the 6″ point for the gathers on the line measuring from the fold up the line. Continue the line adding the additional amount needed for the rest of the waistline, 20″ as in step 2. The total length of the line would be 26″ for the waistline.
  4. Next, draw the side seam making the line as long as you need for the skirt to reach the floor. The hem and seam allowance will be included in the skirt measurements.
  5. Make another line for the hem along the bottom edge, the same length as the waist measurement. Your rectangle is now complete!
  6. Using another piece of paper, make another rectangle for the waistband. My waistband is 4″ wide, with a total circumference of 41″ (including seam allowance). Make your waistband 4″ wide x total waist circumference +1″ for a seam allowance. You will cut 2 of the waistband, one of the sequin fabric, and one of the lining fabric.

Self Draft a Simple Sequin Skirt|Chambray Blues|

Sewing Directions:

  1. Lay out your fabric. Cut the front and back pieces of the skirt with a rotary cutter. Cutting the sequins is so much easier with a rotary tool. Be prepared, it’s a messy process! Also, cut the front and back lining with the same pattern pieces.
  2. Layer the front lining and sequin skirt front together. Baste along outside edge. You will also need to gather two rows of stitches between marks at front and back waistband with a basting stitch length of 5.0mm. Repeat for the back of the skirt.
  3. Using your sewing machine, sew side seams using a walking foot and 3.0mm stitch length You can remove sequins at the side seam if you need to so it’s easier to sew. My machine had no problem sewing through them, but I have seen others cut them off by hand.
  4. Bind side seam edges with either purchased 1/2″ quilt binding or homemade seam binding to keep sequins from unraveling.
  5. Sew the sequin waistband to the waistband lining at the top edge. Stitch ends together so that they make a circle. Cut 2″ elastic to a comfortable size for your waist (waist measurement – 4″ should be about right). Pin ends of elastic together, then insert elastic into the waistband. Baste along the bottom edge.
  6. Pin waistband to skirt adjusting gathers as needed while lining up the seam of the waistband at the center back or side seam of the circle skirt. Baste together. Put the skirt on and check for fit. Make any needed adjustments and stitch.
  7. Bind the waistband seam with more binding.
  8. Lastly, mark the hem, mine was 1 1/2″. Sew seam binding or lace hem tape to hem. Turn hem up, stitch in place with a catch stitch. Press.

Self Draft a Simple Sequin Skirt|Chambray Blues|

Self Draft a Simple Sequin Skirt|Chambray Blues|

T-Shirt Directions:

The t-shirt is really easy to make using the rose gold HTV Cricut vinyl. You can find the t-shirt SVG file here. I used an XL shirt from the Walmart clearance rack for this project. Follow this simple tutorial for making t-shirts with Cricut.


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Self Draft a Simple Sequin Skirt|Chambray Blues|

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