Classic Wool Pleated Skirt: 7 Secrets to Sewing it Right

Classic Wool Pleated Skirt:

7 Secrets to Sewing it Right


A classic wool pleated skirt like this one is not hard to sew. Here are my 7 secrets to sewing it right for a professional look!

Classic Wool Pleated Skirt | Chambray Blues |

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Classic Wool Pleated Skirt

It’s been a long time since I had a pleated skirt like this one as part of my wardrobe. There was a time when I owned 5 or 6 of these classic skirts, one for every occasion! I am determined to wear more classics, as I find that they suit my “over 50” figure better than most modern designs. I found this beautiful embroidered wool at a thrift shop while on vacation in Florida. The wool works so well with pleats, it makes nice crisp corners and holds the shape so easily. If you’ve been wanting a pleated wool skirt like this one, my 7 secrets will guarantee sewing success!

Classic Wool Pleated Skirt | Chambray Blues |

Classic Wool Pleated Skirt | Chambray Blues |

7 Secrets to a Pleated Skirt

  1. Pleats are very easy to make. Simply fold the fabric edges together and baste along the top edge. Most patterns have the folds marked with arrows either left or right.
  2. It only takes a few pleats to make a statement. This skirt (view B) has 3 pleats, an inverted pleat at center front plus one on the left and right. The back is the same, but you could easily have gathers in the back if you wish.
  3. Use only crisp woven fabric for pleats, most knits do not work unless they are pleated by the manufacturer. Fabrics like wool, linen, cotton or poly/cotton blends work well.
  4. When using wool, place strips of paper (I use brown craft paper) under each of the pleats when pressing to keep the wool from “marking”. Wool marks easily, and once it’s marked you cannot get those marks to go away.
  5. Always use a press cloth and lots of steam when pressing wool.  (Speaking of irons…I’ve heard so many good things about this iron. They’re on super sale at the moment if you’re needing a new iron!)
  6. You can make any gathered skirt into a pleated skirt. Simply replace the gathers with folded fabric pleats. Baste in place along the top edge, then check the fit.
  7. You can easily alter pleats by making them larger or smaller to fit your shape. A good size is a 1″ pleat, this skirt has pleats that are 2″ wide and 2″ apart.

Classic Wool Pleated Skirt | Chambray Blues |

The bottom of this skirt has the embroidery. I love this touch as it adds the perfect amount of flair to this classic piece. The border conceals a 2″ hand stitched hem. The wool doesn’t require a lot of finishing, instead of serging the seams I just used pinking shears.

Classic Wool Pleated Skirt | Chambray Blues |

I must apologize, I don’t know what’s going on with my camera lately but all my photos seem to be grainy looking. Technology, arrrrgh! I added pockets to the skirt, definitely a plus!

Classic Wool Pleated Skirt | Chambray Blues |

I paired the skirt with a cashmere sweater, also from the thrift store. A narrow black patent leather belt and some Mary Jane shoes were the perfect accessories for this look.


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Classic Wool Pleated Skirt | Chambray Blues |

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