The Tunic Bible: Embroider Your Tunic Dress

The Tunic Bible Embroidered Dress

The Tunic Bible recently went to #1 on Amazon, here’s how you can embroider your own tunic dress!

The Tunic Bible: Embroider Your Tunic Dress | Chambray Blues |

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I recently ordered a copy of The Tunic Bible by Sarah Gunn and Julie Starr of Goodbye Valentino. If you haven’t seen their sewing blog, it’s full of beautiful classic styles, perfect for us midlife ladies. The book recently exploded on Amazon with the trending Instagram hashtags #sewover50 and #sew50visible. The idea of this challenge is to make a pattern that has a woman over 50 on the cover. Silly me, I thought this was going to be easy, but there are very few of them in the 4 big pattern companies. This led me to the Tunic Bible, and I am hooked!

The Tunic Bible: Embroider Your Tunic Dress | Chambray Blues |

The book has a basic pattern and pages upon pages of ways you can customize your look. One of the styles I loved the most had an embroidered neckline, and I was thrilled to be able to try out my embroidery functions on my new “old” Huskavarna Viking sewing machine. After a bit of research I discovered that I needed embroidery files with HUS capability for my machine. Refer to your manual to find out what kind of file you need as it is different for each machine.

The Tunic Bible: Embroider Your Tunic Dress | Chambray Blues |

This floral design was purchased from Urban Threads. It’s a one color design, but looks different with dark blue thread on my blue and white stripe fabric. Because embroidery is completely new to me, I wasn’t willing to spend a lot of money for this project. I used an old Ralph Lauren bed sheet from the thrift store! My purchase was $1.50, plus the embroidery file which was $4.99. Not bad for an entire dress!

The embroidery file was easy to download to my computer, transfer to a USB memory stick and plugin to my sewing machine. I traced the pattern of the bib design on the fabric with a heat soluble marking pen instead of cutting it out. I stabilized the fabric with embroidery stabilizer in the hoop before embroidering.

The design took about 15 minutes to stitch and I had a lot of fun watching it come together, it is rather mesmerizing!

The Tunic Bible: Embroider Your Tunic Dress | Chambray Blues |

The sleeves were even easier to embroider. Instead of purchasing a new design, I used two rows of heirloom vine stitches that came with my Huskavarna Designer SE sewing machine. Be sure to put a scrap of embroidery backing behind the rows of stitching for best result. After the embroidery was finished, it was time to assemble the pattern and finish the sleeve hem.

This design is very simple, but I love how it turned out!

The Tunic Bible: Embroider Your Tunic Dress | Chambray Blues |

With a simple dress such as this, the embroidery takes center stage. It was very easy to make and fits wonderfully! This is the first pattern I haven’t had to do major alterations on in a long time. I’m so ready to wear it!

The Tunic Bible: Embroider Your Tunic Dress | Chambray Blues |

I’ve got another tunic dress in the works that I will share with you soon! Meanwhile, head over to Amazon and purchase your copy of the Tunic Bible. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram for more on the current hashtag challenges!

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Embroidered Tunic Bible Dress|Chambray Blues|

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