Trendy Plus Size Styles for Women

Trendy Plus Size Styles for Women

Trendy Plus Size Styles for Women | Chambray Blues |

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Trendy Plus Size Styles

There’s no “right way to dress” that applies to everyone; dressing well involves dressing for your body shape. If you’re a plus-size woman, fashion advice that works for one person might not be right for you.

Keep these tips in mind to put together outfits that show off your natural curves. They’ll help you “dress right” for your body.

  • Emphasize Vertical LinesTrendy Plus Size Styles for Women | Chambray Blues |

The notion that vertical stripes have a slimming effect isn’t just a myth. Research confirms that people see you as taller and slimmer when your outfit features vertical lines.

On the other hand, research also indicates horizontal lines will make you look wider. Try to avoid them when buying garments.

  • Wear Black

Another simple way to look slimmer is to wear black clothing. Conversely, wearing all white may make you appear bigger.

Scientists recently discovered why this is the case. Essentially, early humans needed to be able to spot predators at night when they didn’t have artificial light to help them. Thus, they developed brains that perceive light objects on dark backgrounds as bigger than they actually are. The opposite occurs when perceiving dark objects on light backgrounds.

Sometimes neuroscientists have the best fashion advice!

  • Make Sure Your Clothing Isn’t Too Tight

Wearing tight clothing isn’t a bad idea in general when it comes to plus size style. On the contrary, garments that emphasize your natural curves can make you look your best. However, you don’t want your clothes to be so tight that people can see the lines of your undergarments. If you’re not sure whether something is too tight, we always recommend going up a size just in case.

  • Try Different Dress Shapes

    Trendy Plus Size Styles for Women | Chambray Blues |

Dresses come in many different styles. Some are particularly ideal for a plus-size woman.

The A-line is one such style you should consider, as this type of dress is designed to create an hourglass silhouette. Just make sure you opt for a plus size dress made with a sturdier fabric if you choose this option. Materials that flow easily could cause the dress to lose its shape throughout the day.

The empire-waist dress is another style you might consider if you want to draw more attention to your upper body than your lower body. Experts recommend that women with pear-shaped bodies wear it, as this style tends to emphasize your bust. You could also add your favorite necklace from an accessory subscription box to keep the attention on your upper half.

Another style that’s becoming very popular among plus-size women (and major celebrities!) is the peplum. The ruffle that partially wraps around the waist with this style makes the waist appear slightly smaller than your shoulders and hips, creating an hourglass silhouette.

Of course, you can also keep it simple with a straight dress. This is ideal for casual occasions while other styles work better for a special occasion. Instead of providing a built-in waistline, it falls from the shoulders, making it perfect for women with less curvy body shapes.

  • Make Alterations

It’s worth noting that a dress isn’t the only type of garment you’ll ever wear. You also need clothes to sleep in that fit well.

Because there aren’t as many different styles of sleepwear as there are dresses, finding items for your body shape may seem difficult. I am working on developing new plus size styles!

That doesn’t mean you have to simply give up and accept that your current sleepwear won’t be flattering. When a garment is less than perfect, a tailor can almost certainly make alterations to ensure it fits your body just right if you aren’t sure how to do it. You can even learn to tailor clothing yourself if you want to save money in the long run. Stay tuned for more DIY tips on plus size styles! Knowing how to make your own alterations simplifies the process of finding clothes for your body type.

  • Don’t Forget About Shapewear!

Regardless of your body type, you may want to include some shapewear in your wardrobe. Along with its slimming effects, shapewear smoothes out your hips and tummy, ensuring all your other garments fall exactly as you intend.

  • Use Contrast to Your Advantage

Generally speaking, plus-size women should avoid incorporating too much color in their outfits. However, that’s not to say you shouldn’t include any color at all.

Adding a color that contrasts with the rest of the outfit at the narrowest point (which will typically be your neck) cause people’s eyes to follow an implied vertical line from your upper body to your lower body. This, of course, results in a slimming effect. A summer subscription box can be a convenient source of such items, making adding a pop of color to your favorite outfit easier than ever.

  • Wear Pencil SkirtsTrendy Plus Size Styles for Women | Chambray Blues |

You can’t go wrong with wearing a pencil skirt with a to-the-knee hemline. This tends to look great on almost every body type. For a plus-size woman, it elongates curves, emphasizing your most attractive qualities.

  • Consider the Occasion

When you’re so focused on trying to find the right garment for your body shape, you can overlook basic fashion advice.

No matter what shape your body is, it’s always important to keep the occasion in mind when putting together an outfit.

If you’re leaving the home at all, leggings should be worn beneath pants, and not as substitutes for them. Heading to the beach? Here’s your chance to flaunt a flowy empire style dress. On the other hand, if you’re going to a business meeting, you want something more formal, like an A-line or a peplum dress.

  • Choose the Right Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. For instance, you don’t want footwear that has straps around the ankles. This can make your legs look shorter, which is likely something you’re trying to avoid. Instead, opt for a neutral-colored pump. This is the best way to make your legs appear longer.

  • Pay Attention to Weight Changes

Many people don’t maintain the exact same weight for years. Whether you lose weight or gain weight, your body shape will change as a result.

Pay attention to this. There may be times when you need to upgrade your wardrobe if weight fluctuations cause an old garment to no longer look ideal.

  • Choose the Right Bag

Your accessories also play a major role in your outfits. You need to keep your body’s proportions in mind when selecting them. For example, at night, you should always be able to see your bag behind your hand. If you can’t, that means you need to go with something bigger.

Remember, dressing to impress involves dressing for your body shape. There’s no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’ fashion advice. As a plus-size woman, you need to choose garments that draw the eye to certain areas of the body, while downplaying other areas. Follow these tips for plus size styles to look your absolute best, no matter the occasion.


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