Reversible DIY Ironing Board Cover

Reversible DIY Ironing Board Cover

Every sewing room needs a good ironing board. Here’s how to make a reversible ironing board cover to fit your decor!

DIY Ironing Board Cover | Chambray Blues |

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DIY Reversible Ironing Board Cover

I have gradually been updating my sewing studio decor. One of the last items to be finished is making a new ironing board cover. As you know, an ironing board is both a sewing room and household essential. Years ago, I found this extra large board at an estate sale for only $2. I love it because it’s big and very sturdy. The ironing boards in the store today seem so small in comparison to this one! However, the ironing board cover has seen better days. Unfortunately, since the ironing board is not standard sized, a cover that fits standard sized boards does not work for this one. Both the ironing board cover and pad are stained, patched and practically falling apart. It has been an eyesore for a long time.

I never realized just how many options one can choose from when purchasing a store bought ironing board cover! I found options suiting for heat resistant ironing, silicon coated covers, even covers that claimed to cut down on iron time. Who would’ve thought?!

This ironing board pad is completely customizable. You could choose to create extra thick padding for your ironing mat. The fabric choice is completely up to you! There are many options to choose from these days including scorch resistant, heat reflective, stain resistant, and many heavy-duty fabrics. I decided to just use the fabric and supplies I already had on hand.

Ironing Board Supplies Needed

Spray Adhesive for DIY Projects | Chambray Blues


1. Press both fabrics to remove wrinkles.

2. Place one fabric right side down on the table. Spray with Spray’n’Bond Basting Adhesive. Lay the second fabric with the wrong sides together, on top of the first while also being careful to keep both layers smooth with no wrinkles. Use your hands to press them together, then let dry for a few minutes.

DIY Ironing Board Cover | Chambray Blues |

3. Place the ironing board on top of the fabrics. Trim away the excess fabric while leaving a 3″ seam allowance. Be sure the seam allowance is enough to fold up over the bottom edge of the ironing board.

Sewing Directions

4. Remove the ironing board. Beginning at the bottom edge of the fabric, sew the quilt binding on using a 1/4″ seam allowance. You may also have to piece the binding together to get it long enough for the entire circumference edge of the fabric, depending on how big or small your ironing board is

5. Turn binding to the inside edge while folding in remaining binding raw edge and topstitch in place, completely encasing raw edges in the quilt binding. Leave an opening at the bottom edge of the fabric about 2″. If you are not sure how this works, you can watch my video tutorial on binding here. 

6. Press seams. Using a safety pin on the end of the elastic that is small enough to fit into the bottom of the binding opening, work the elastic into the binding all of the way around the fabric. This will take some patience! When you have the elastic completed, pin the ends of elastic together. Next, adjust gathers on fabric then try the cover on the ironing board to ensure it will fit as expected. You may have to either let the elastic out more or take it in a bit to get a good fit all of the way around the ironing board. Trim ends of elastic and then zig-zag ends together. Slip-stitch the opening of the binding closed.

7. Place the new cover on the ironing board and enjoy!

Reversible DIY Ironing Board Cover | Chambray Blues |

Although this ironing board cover is both reversible and washable, I have decided to leave my favorite black and white fabric on the top at least for now. This quilt fabric is vintage newsprint from Moda Fabrics.

I’m now ready to tackle the next sewing project! (Or just starting ironing the clothes that have been building up.)

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Reversible DIY Ironing Board Cover | Chambray Blues |

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