Sock Snake Travel Pillow for Kids

Sock Snake Travel Pillow for Kids

This sock snake travel pillow for kids does double duty as both a toy for entertainment and also a neck pillow for naps in the car! My favorite part about this project is the fact that there are many parts your kids can help you with! 

Sock Snake Travel Pillow for Kids | Chambray Blues |

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Neck Pillow for Kids

I’ve adapted this post from my original blog, Designers Sweet Spot. Enjoy!

I’ve been wanting to share a project that the kids can help with as we move into the summer months. When my boys were younger, I found that the hours always passed more quickly when we had a project to keep us all entertained!

I decided on this sock snake travel pillow because I always found it challenging to keep the kids entertained while in the car. It also doubles as a neck pillow which is handy to have during long trips!

Pillow Supplies



Snake Mouth | Chambray Blues

To make the mouth, cut two pieces of red felt into ovals. Trace the red felt pieces onto the pink felt for the interior part of the mouth. Cut the pink felt, with the red being slightly smaller so you can see both colors. Using the pink felt first on the bottom, followed by the red on top will make an interesting design.

Cut out two tongue pieces from the red felt. Next, you will need to cut the heat n bond for each mouthpiece, making it slightly smaller than the felt so it won’t show around the edges. You could also skip this step and simply glue the tongue into place when the time comes. You will only attach the small top of the tongue which will leave the rest of the tongue free to move around.

Sew a Snake Pillow | Chambray Blues |

Adhere the pieces of the mouth together with either heat n bond and a warm iron or craft glue. If your children are young, I advise using glue as opposed to using an iron so that they can be more involved. However, if you decide to use the iron, be sure to iron both sides for maximum stability. (You will do this step as well as the following steps twice. One for each sock.)

Sew a Snake Pillow | Chambray Blues |

Attach the finished mouth to the bottom side of the foot of the sock using either method mentioned above. I like how the sock I used has different colors at the toe and heal. This helps further define the mouth area.

Sew a Snake Pillow | Chambray Blues |

Either iron both sides of the sock again or glue thoroughly for maximum adhesion.

Sock Snake Travel Pillow for Kids | Chambray Blues |


After the sock has cooled (or dried) completely, put the sock on your hand like a puppet. You can now find the correct eye placement. Glue wiggly eyes in place using craft glue, while wearing the sock on your hand. (You could also use a marker to make the placement for eyes.) If you have a very young child (or simply want to save money), you could also draw them on with a fabric marker instead. I placed my eyes right above the black sock toe.

Next, stuff both sides of the snake using the poly-fiberfill stuffing. You will need to check to be certain the snake will still form around the neck by pinning the two socks together in the middle and checking the fit and function. If it is too big, you can overlap the ends of the sock at the back of the neck until it is the right size, then re-pin in place.

Using the needle and embroidery floss, slipstitch the sock ends together at the back of the neck. This step will form your neck pillow and ensure that it will stay in one piece.

Sew a Snake Pillow | Chambray Blues |

Using more embroidery floss, make a few stitches at the side of the mouth to hold his adorable mouth into position. Cut and trim threads.

This is a great opportunity to teach your kids to sew. Don’t be a perfectionist about this project, let your child take a few stitches. The unpredictable nature of the needle and thread will only add to your snake’s character.

Sock Snake Travel Pillow for Kids | Chambray Blues |

Optional Step

Use two small pieces of stick-on velcro to hold the snake’s heads together at the front of the neck, or you can let them hang loose for play.

Sock Snake Travel Pillow for Kids | Chambray Blues |

Don’t throw out those odd socks! After I made this first sock snake, I realized it could also be made using mismatched socks from the laundry room or even compression socks.

The sock snake travel pillow is now complete and ready for its first big adventure! Your kids will be entertained by the sock toy, and maybe even take a nap with their fun new neck pillow.


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Sock Snake Travel Pillow for Kids | Chambray Blues |

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