Wavy Wool Pillow Using Recycled Fabric

Wavy Wool Pillow Using Recycled Fabric

I recently made this wavy wool pillow using recycled fabric that I’ve been hoarding for a while now. It was the perfect way to use up all the fabric odds and ends I had laying around the sewing room while adding a fun new piece to our living room!

Wavy Wool Pillow Using Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

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Recycled Wool Pillow

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I have been hoarding pieces of wool for a while now and I knew I needed to figure out a way to use it. Inspiration struck me one day to make this wavy wool pillow using recycled fabrics! I love the end results. It was a fantastic way to use up some of my scrap pile while adding such a fun pop of color to our living room! I love it when I can make eco-friendly decisions while creating something new.

Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues

These are 1/4 yard cuts of wool. Some are hand-dyed, others are not. Some are high-quality while most are cheap pieces used for various projects. A few are organic cotton, many are not. Pieces like these are typically used in quilting or appliqués. However, I had a different idea for them and with that idea, this pillow was created. The best part about this pillow is that it only took about an hour to make from start to finish! I love projects that I can finish easily in one sitting. While I love a challenge, sometimes you just don’t want to get invested into a lengthy project.

Wool Pillow Details | Chambray Blues

Supplies Needed

Pillow Directions

First, I created the wave pattern by cutting rectangular strips of wool 3 1/2″ wide. I used this piece of wavy Frog Tape as a pattern for the wave design. I cut one of the long edges into this wave pattern. After trimming the first piece and also double checking the measurements, I cut 8 more identical pieces for a total of 9 individual pieces (all of from varying fabrics).

Although I cut each piece from a different color of wool, you could also use all the same colors if you wish.

Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues

The next step was to stitch them together. I found that my wool stretched slightly as I worked with it because of the bias cuts which made it a bit difficult to sew. I would recommend putting a piece of Stitch Witchery underneath each seam and fusing them together with a warm iron before stitching to eliminate some of the stretches.

To sew the pieces together, I overlapped the wave edge of the first piece on top of the straight edge of the piece underneath. I then topstitched along the wave edge from the right side. The blanket stitch worked well for this method. I used black thread so it would be easy to see and also some contrast to the pillow.

Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues

This is what the pieces look like from the BACK SIDE. If your wool is thick, you may want to trim away some of the extra seam allowances to eliminate excess bulk in the finished design. I did not have to follow this step since my wool was rather lightweight.

Assemble each piece in this manner until you reach the last piece. For the last piece, I INVERTED the wave to have a straight edge on the right side. (Basically, the two wave edges overlapped for the last two pieces.) This gave me a straight edge on both the right and left sides which created a neat rectangular piece to sew the black flannel backing on. I left a hole of 6″ in which I could stuff the pillow with poly-fiber stuffing. Lastly, I slip-stitched it closed using a needle and thread.

Wavy Wool Pillow Using Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com


The pillow is my favorite addition to our living room! I love how the bright colors pop against our new teal sofa.


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Wavy Wool Pillow Using Recycled Fabric | Chambray Blues | www.chambrayblues.com

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