Patriotic Quilted Dresden Plate Pillow

Patriotic Quilted Dresden Plate Pillow

This patriotic quilted Dresden Plate pillow has been on my to-do list for quite some time. I’ve admired this pattern from a distance for several years and I finally had a chance to make one of my own. It was totally worth the wait!

Patriotic Dresden Plate Pillow | Chambray Blues |

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Patriotic Quilted Pillow

I’ve adapted this post from my original blog, Designers Sweet Spot. Enjoy!

I’ve admired this Dresden Plate pillow design for quite some time. A friend and I first spotted it at the huge Quilt Expo a couple of years ago. The design template and directions are an easy-to-use kit from Nancy’s Notions. I was very excited to work with Nancy’s Notions on this project since they are located in my hometown here in Wisconsin.

The Dresden Plate kit comes with a plastic template and an instruction booklet. There are a dozen or so different styles that can be made by simply adding different fabrics and sewing variations. I love a pattern with options! I decided to make a pillow version while using some patriotic inspired fabrics. Although the original Dresden Plate design is for a tabletop decoration, I decided I would get more use out of a pillow. I also decided that larger was better in this case and because of that,  I used the full size of the template for this project.

Pillow Supplies

Patriotic Dresden Plate Pillow | Chambray Blues |

The red and white yo-yo in the center of this pillow gives it a fun dash of patriotic color. I will certainly be this pillow along with my favorite blanket to either summer concerts in the park or to see the fireworks!

Here’s the entire process in a quick video!


  1. Iron each fabric to remove wrinkles while matching selvages and raw edges. Spray with spray starch as you iron to keep the fabric crisp. The starch helps keep the bias cuts from stretching while you are cutting and sewing.
  2. Place the fabric fold edge close to you on a large cutting mat. Measure a 12″ inch strip and cut using a quilting ruler and rotary cutter. Cut 2 strips from each of the two main fabrics for the pillow top.
  3. Line up the fabric strips on the horizontal. Place the template on the strip, mark the fabric with a fabric pen and finally cut out with the rotary cutter. This step goes faster if you layer your fabric strips before you cut them. Cut a total of 6 chambray blue and also 6 navy blue pieces. When using dark printed fabrics, it’s easier to mark and cut on the wrong side so you can easily see the cutting lines.
  4. Cut a 7″ circle in contrasting red and white stripe fabric. (I used a plate to draw my circle.)
  5. Lay out the Dresden Plate pieces on the table to view the finished look before sewing.
  6. Sew the pieces together with a stitch length of 2.5 on your sewing machine.
  7. Press seams using an iron. Cut a 3″ circle of the iron-on patch material and fuse it to the center of the design with the iron. The patch should cover the hole completely. You can also cut a fabric piece for this but I decided that using a fusible patch was easiest.
  8. Hand-stitch a 1/4″ turned seam on the edge of the red and white fabric circle. Using the thread tails, pull up the threads to gather the edges and create the yo-yo circle. Tie off threads and clip ends. Slip stitch in place over the iron on patch.
  9. Place pillow-top right side up on the red and white contrasting fabric. Cut around all edges to make the back of the pillow.
  10. Pin pillow front and back together with WRONG sides together. Sew around outside edge while using a blanket stitch or zig-zag stitch. (I like the homespun look this gives the pillow.) Leave a 6-8″ opening in which you will insert the stuffing.
  11. Turn pillow back right side out. Stuff the pillow with poly-fiber stuffing. If you are using an old remade pillow, first cut away the pillow casing. Pull apart used fiberfill and fluff. Then insert the used fiberfill into the new pillow. Be sure to stuff all the “petal edges” around the pillow.
  12. Slip the opening back under the sewing machine foot and sew closed while using the same stitch as before.

Patriotic Dresden Plate Pillow | Chambray Blues |

The back of the pillow is also red and white stripe. However, I forgot to take photos of that. I’m sure you get the idea by now.


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Patriotic Dresden Plate Pillow | Chambray Blues |


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