Make Your Own Yoga Mat Bag

Make Your Own Yoga Mat Bag

This Yoga Mat Bag is both easy and fun to make! It may even motivate you to join a yoga class…at least that was my hope! I had so much fun customizing this fun yoga bag.

Make You Own Yoga Mat Bag | Chambray Blues |

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DIY Yoga Mat Bag

I’ve adapted this post from my original blog, Designers Sweet Spot. Enjoy!

It’s been a long week full of emotional struggles. Another one of our boys has gone off to college. I have taken some time to do some things for myself and also adjust to our new situation with just two boys left at home. Unfortunately, I have spent lots of time staring into space, wandering around looking for something to do. I even checked out a couple of yoga classes this week!

This is all new to me as I haven’t had time to exercise in years. With our quieter home, I’ve decided it’s now time to get into a new routine. One that includes a bit of time for myself.

On a whim, I decided to make this little carrying bag for my yoga mat. I figured I would be more likely to use a yoga mat bag that I created rather than a yoga mat carrier bag purchase at a store. (At least that’s the story I’m telling myself.) Although many gym bags at the store feature adjustable straps and a zip pocket, I decided to create a more simple tote bag style for myself. Doing so ensured that I could use materials and a fabric piece that I already own, making this an essentially free yoga mat bag.

DIY Yoga Mat Bag | Chambray Blues |


Supplies Needed

Make You Own Yoga Mat Bag | Chambray Blues |

Stencil Directions

1. First, remove selvages from pre-washed muslin. Trim to 24″ wide.

2. Lay the fabric out lengthwise for stenciling. You may want to press it before you begin if your piece of fabric is very wrinkled.

3. Stencil circular patterns on the middle section of the muslin while leaving 6-8″ of plain muslin on each side. (I also left 1″ un-stenciled space for seam allowance at top and bottom of the muslin.)

4. Let the fabric dry completely. I left mine for about two hours.

Sewing Directions

5. Once the muslin is fully dry, it’s finally time to sew the trim on. Using a single needle topstitch, stitch along both sides of the ribbon to hold it in place. (You can also use Stitch Witchery to fuse the ribbons in place if you don’t want to sew them.)

I used 3 rows of ribbon to designate the top edge of the bag as well as 2 rows at the bottom of the bag. The ribbons were spaced 1/2″ apart and then stitched evenly with the raw edges of the fabric, about 7″ from the edge for the first ribbon.

6. Sew 1/2″  side seam, and finished edges.

7. To make the casing for the drawstring closures at both the top and the bottom of the bag, turn over a 3/4″ seam allowance. Stitch close to the raw edge. Turn and stitch again while leaving 1″ opening in which to insert the drawstring.

8. Cut the drawstrings for each end. I used a 10″ string for the bottom of the bag as well as a 20″ one for the top. The drawstring will ensure that your yoga mat is secure.

9. Using a safety pin attached to the end of the string, feed the string through the casing. Tie the ends together, creating the lower end of the bag. Leave the ends loose at the top end of the bag which will create the opening.

10. Feed the ends of the drawstring through the toggle for the top of the bag. (You may even need to use a tweezer to pull them through the opening.) Seal the ends of the cording using either clear glue or by fusing them with a cigarette lighter.

11. Finally, attach the shoulder strap at both the top and bottom of the bag. Topstitch over the side seam and then back tack for reinforcement.

DIY Yoga Mat Bag | Chambray Blues |

Your customized yoga mat bag is finally complete! You could also skip the first part of this project and select a fabric that has a print already on it. I enjoyed the added fun of creating my own print. (Now on to find a creative solution for transporting my yoga strap and water bottle!)

I’d love to see your finished yoga mat bag! Share it with all of us either in the comments of this post or in the Chambray Blues Facebook Group!

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DIY Yoga Mat Bag | Chambray Blues |

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