Sewing Leopard Pajamas with McCalls 6659

Sewing Leopard Pajamas with McCalls 6659

Sewing pajamas is fun and so rewarding! These leopard pajamas will keep you cozy on those cool fall evenings!

Sewing Leopard Pajamas with McCalls 6659 | Chambray Blues

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Sewing Pajamas with McCalls

Sewing pajamas is one of my favorite things to do! I prefer to make my own pajamas for a number of reasons, including fit, size and fabric choices. I can never find what I want in the stores and I have given up trying. It doesn’t take long to sew these, in fact, you can probably finish both the top and the pants in one day. This McCalls 6659 pattern fits well overall, but I would make a couple of changes to it the next time. These leopard pajamas are both easy to make and comfortable to wear.

The one-piece pajama pants are pretty perfect, the pattern was just the right length for the pant legs and I didn’t do any alterations to the hips or elastic waist. I did remove 2″ from the top of the waistband so I could use a wide boxer short type of elastic. I would not do that again, as I find any elastic that touches the skin to be itchy and uncomfortable. Perhaps I just bought a cheap piece of elastic, but I now know I prefer to have my elastic completely covered with fabric for PJ bottoms.

I did make a full tummy adjustment to this pattern and added 1″ to the front rise to keep the pants from slipping down off my waist. This is the first time I have tried this adjustment, it is a game-changer for me! I would definitely recommend it for anyone with an apple shape figure. I will have a great tutorial for this adjustment soon on my YouTube Channel.

Leopard Pajamas McCalls 6659 | Chambray Blues |

Leopard Pajama Top Review

The pajama top is a little different than other DIY pajama patterns. This one has a bust dart which I thought about removing before I started, and decided to try it. I don’t care for it, I’ve never had a pair of pajamas with a bust dart, I don’t want my pajamas that fitted for sleeping. For that reason, I would not use this pattern again. Also, the body of the top and sleeves are rather short. The convertible collar was simple to construct (only 2 pieces) and turned out well but I don’t really care for the rest of it.

DIY Pajama Collar | Chambray Blues

Overall Opinions of McCalls #6659

It’s hard for me to give patterns bad reviews because I know how much work goes into them. This pattern is not my favorite but someone else may have better luck with it. My fabric choice was a 100 percent cotton woven print from Hobby Lobby. You can find a similar print for your leopard pajamasĀ here on Etsy.

The print is so cute, and the fabric was super easy to sew. To my surprise, it’s not that comfortable to sleep in. The cotton seems to stick to the cotton sheets of my bed and isn’t as comfortable as I thought it would be. Will this stop me from making more cotton pajamas? Not at all, but I may try a satin print next time around. Flannel pajamas are always a hit, as well!

One of my readers suggested I make a YouTube video of all of the projects that I sew each month. I thought it was a great idea, and have done my first “What I Sewed” video review for you. I will make this a regular feature here on the blog, so be sure to subscribe to my channel for more updates! If you have a suggestion for a video or blog post, I would love to hear it! Leave me a comment or send me an email at [email protected].

This pajama set is the last project in my series of projects using leopard prints. My latest theme is #SustainableSewing. More to come very soon!

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Leopard Pajamas : McCalls 6659 | Chambray Blues |

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