Collection Review | Project: Leopard Print

Collection Review | Project: Leopard Print

Back in August, I decided that it would be fun to sew a collection of leopard print projects. Leopard print is all the trend lately. Many people are even considering it a “neutral color”. I affectionately named this venture Project: Leopard. 

Project: Leopard Print

Although my original intent was to leave the leopard print in August, I just couldn’t get enough! As the seasons changed, I realized I needed some leopard print pieces in my winter wardrobe. One thing led to another and here we are in November, finally putting an end to Project: Leopard. (Although, I’m sure there will be more leopard projects in my future. It’s just such a fun pattern!)

Here is a brief recap of the pieces included in Project: Leopard. For more information on the specifics of each piece, head to the original post.

Leopard Print Pajamas | Chambray Blues |

Leopard Print Pajamas

For my Leopard Print Pajamas, I decided to use a pattern I’d been wanting to try for a while. Overall, I had a good experience using this pattern. However, there are definitely a few things I’d change if I decided to use it again! These pajamas are cozy, cute, and would make an excellent gift this holiday season. You can find all the details on this leopard project here: Leopard Pajamas: McCalls 6659 Pattern Review.





Julianne Fleece Jacket | Chambray Blues |


Julianne Fleece Jacket

The Julianne Fleece Jacket is probably my favorite piece of this collection. This original pattern is trendy yet incredibly practical! The leopard print fabric I used for this coat makes it a fun addition to any closet, especially during the holiday season. Make one for yourself using my easy-to-follow sewing pattern! You can find all the details on this jacket here: Easy Julianne Fleece Jacket.




Statement Sleeve Top | Chambray Blues |


Upcycled Statement Sleeve Top

An easy upcycle project is what started my venture into leopard print! After seeing a leopard print trumpet skirt at the thrift store, I knew I needed the fabric in my closet. Unfortunately, I knew I wouldn’t wear the skirt as the fit was unflattering. I solved my problem with a quick upcycle project that resulted in a stunning statement sleeve top! After this project, I was hooked. Project: Leopard was born. Find all the details on this easy project here: Old Skirt Upcycle: Statement Sleeve Top.




Black Leopard Zipper Robe | Chambray Blues |

Zippered Fleece Robe

Everyone needs a cozy fleece robe, especially this time of the year! My zipper front fleece robe is perfect for someone who wants to experiment with leopard print but isn’t ready to fully commit quite yet. The leopard print details add a fun touch to this cozy robe. One of the best things about this leopard project is that it can be completed in just a few hours using my tips! Learn more about this pattern here: Zipper Front Fleece Robe.



Embroidered Nightshirt | Chambray Blues |

Embroidered Leopard Nightshirt

The embroidered leopard nightshirt will always have a special place in my heart. This leopard project became my first sew-along video course! Although it was quite the undertaking, I believe it has great value. By working through this project step-by-step, every level of sewist will have success! I decided to add a fun embroidered leopard on the back of my nightshirt and I just love how it turned out. You can learn more about my leopard nightshirt here: Embroidered Leopard Nightshirt.




I also put together a video review talking about my leopard projects (plus a few others). In this YouTube video, I share a bit about what worked, and what didn’t work, in my sewing the last few months:

This leopard print collection was a new venture for me. I enjoyed every minute of it! In many ways, focusing on one theme allowed me to open my horizons in the way I shared my projects with you. Project: Leopard led to my first sew-along video course as well as a few original sewing patterns which I added to my shop!

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Leopard Print Sewing Projects | Chambray Blues |

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