The Ultimate Gift Guide for Sewists

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Sewists

Do you have a sewist in your life? Maybe you’re a sewist who needs ideas for your last-minute Christmas list? I decided to put together the Ultimate Gift Guide for Sewists to help you out as you finish up your holiday shopping for the year! 

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Sewists | Chambray Blues Sewing

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Sewists

With years of experience in the sewing industry, I’ve used many different tools & products. The things I’ve included in this list are some of my very favorite, must-have sewing room items. A gift purchased from this list is sure to be a hit!

Cricut Maker

Gift Guide for Sewists | Chambray Blues Sewing

I was skeptical about the Cricut Maker. As a sewist, I didn’t think I would use it for the majority of my projects. However, after several years, I can’t imagine my sewing studio without this tool. Save your favorite sewist time & frustration by gifting them this versatile tool!

Learn more about the Cricut Maker here. (PS. At the time this post was published, they are even running a sale!)

OttLite Sewing Lamp

If your sewing room is like mine, it’s far from ideal. Maybe one day I will have my dream sewing studio. Until then, it’s important to make my space as functional as possible! My OttLite Sewing Lamp enables me to be creative at any time of the day.

You can find more details on my OttLite Sewing Lamp here.

Adjustable Sewing Table

Gift Guide for Sewists | Chambray Blues Sewing

I find that when I have a functional space, I am able to be much more productive during my sewing time. This adjustable sewing table was a great investment! Finding a table that can adjust to your height is incredibly important, especially when you will be sewing for hours on end.

Read all about the Costway Sewing Table here.

Tilly and the Buttons: Sewing with Stretch Knit Fabric

Tilly and the Buttons: Sewing with Knits | Chambray Blues |

This book by Tilly Walnes is one of my favorites lately. In addition to the brilliant pieces she creates, the photography in the book is just stunning. Every sewist will be inspired while flipping through these pages.

Take a look inside the book here.

Cricut EasyPress

Gift Guide for Sewists | Chambray Blues Sewing

Although I have several irons in my sewing studio, I think the Cricut EasyPress may be my favorite. My favorite feature of this handy tool is the fact that it’s incredibly versatile! I’ve used my EasyPress for easy projects that just need a quick press. But I’ve also been able to use it to create fun t-shirts & other gifts.

Learn more about the Cricut EasyPress here. (This one is also on huge sale right now!)

Tailors Point Press Clapper

Gift Guide for Sewists | Chambray Blues Sewing

One of my favorite tools that I have in my sewing studio is this Tailors Point Press Clapper. The beautiful assembly of this tool makes it so easy to use. If you work on pieces that require you to press collar points, this tool is a must-have!

Find more information about the Point Press Clapper here.

Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses

Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses

It’s no secret that I love vintage style. There’s just something so special about sewing timeless pieces. Not to mention, they tend to be incredibly flattering. This book by Gretchen Hirsch is another one of my favorite sewing room resources.

Purchase your copy of this great book here.

Medium Tailors Clapper

Gift Guide for Sewists | Chambray Blues Sewing

It’s easy to sew professionally when you have the right tools! The solid oak with rounded edges makes this clapper easy to use.

Check out this beautiful Tailors Clapper here.

Glass Head Pins

They may not seem that exciting, but I know I am always running out of pins. Every sewist will appreciate simple gifts like pins, needles, & other small things that seem to go missing.

Here are some of my favorite glass head pins.

Vintage Lingerie Patterns

Vintage Lingerie | Chambray Blues |

If you’ve been around Chambray Blues for long enough, you know that my sewing roots are in lingerie. I was so excited to discover this book that shares so many practical & interesting historical techniques & patterns! This book makes a unique gift for any sewist who is in love with vintage sewing like I am.

Read more about what is included in Vintage Lingerie: Historical Patterns & Techniques here.

More Gift Inspiration

If you’re still looking for more gift inspiration for your favorite sewist, check out my pattern shop! The Chambray Blues Pattern Shop is full of fun sewing patterns that are available in both PDF and paper copy.

Check out the Pattern Shop here for more information!


I hope this list provided you with plenty of gift inspiration for the sewists in your life! Did I miss something that should be included in my gift guide for sewists? Share it with me in the comments of this post. I always love learning about new tools & products to add to my sewing room.

More Inspiration

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Gift Guide for Sewists

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