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You Make Patriotic Holiday Family T-Shirts

We love patriotic holidays, it’s so much fun to dress up and go to the parade or family barbecue in style. Here’s my latest project with the Cricut Maker!

Patriotic at Heart

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I love my Cricut Maker. There are so many great things you can do with this cutting machine! Cricut has selected me and another group of bloggers to design t-shirt collections for their website. Each month a new group of 3-5 t-shirt design files will be chosen from the group and featured on their site for you to make. Not every design will be chosen, just the ones they like. The fun thing is that each collection will include adult and child sized graphics so you can make shirts for your entire family! You can purchase t-shirt blanks without any graphics on them at local craft stores, or Amazon (affiliate link is included for your convenience). For my projects I used some old white t-shirts we had laying around. Why spend money if you don’t have to?

For this Patriotic collection, I designed a number of different patriotic styles but only used the ones I liked the best. The rest will be featured here at a later time. These files are not available on the Cricut site just yet but will be soon if they are approved (cross your fingers!). I also plan to sell my SGV design files in a new shop on here on Chambray Blues which will be coming soon so you can have access to them either way!

Here’s how I made the shirts:

Patriotic T-Shirt Supplies Needed:

• Red and Royal Blue Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl (affiliate link)

• 2-3 White T-shirts in various sizes. I used a 3T baby onesie, and XL and 2XXL adult sized shirts (affiliate link)

• Cricut Heat Press or iron (affiliate link)

•Cricut Heat Proof Matt or ironing board with heat proof cover (affiliate link)

•Cricut Maker (affiliate link)

•Cricut Ironing Shield or press cloth (affiliate link)

•Light grip matt (affiliate link)


1. Choose a t-shirt file to make in Design Space. There are a number of patriotic files currently available. Be careful to select files designed for t-shirts, if the design is intended for other purposes you may have trouble cutting it. It could be too small or have lots of layers that will waste your materials and aren’t suitable for use with vinyl.

2. Cut the files as directed by Cricut on your machine. Be sure to place your vinyl on the grip mat with the shiny side DOWN. Also, be sure your design is REVERSED. If not, select the edit button, then the mirror setting. Cut all the pieces for your design before assembling.

3. Trim away excess vinyl. I like to cut away any extra material and save it for another project. It’s too good to waste!

4. Weed out any “white space” with the weeding tool. That is, from the wrong side (non shiny side of the vinyl) pull away any vinyl that will not be needed in your design. You will end up with your design and a somewhat sticky backing. View it from the right side, the shiny side to be certain it is correct and that it is all intact.

5. Place your vinyl shiny side UP on your t-shirt (the sticky backing will hold it in place). Be sure your design is centered evenly over the center front of the shirt. It is helpful to fold the shirt in half and mark the neckline with a pin so you can get accurate placement. I recommend placing your vinyl about 2″ down from the neckline on most styles. You may need to hold it up to a mirror and check the placement before going on to the next step.

6. Once your design is in place, cover it with the pressing mat or press cloth.

7. Heat your heat press to 340 degrees F (If you are using a different vinyl you may have to adjust the temperature). If you are using an iron, use the cotton or linen setting with no steam.

8. Press your design in place for 20 seconds (you can set the timer on your Easy Press for this). Press the design a little at a time if you are using an iron, be sure to lift the iron up and not rub it side to side or it will affect your results.

9. Turn the shirt over, cover it with the press mat and press again on the back side for an additional 15 seconds.

10. Turn the shirt over, let is cool slightly. Remove the clear plastic material and reveal your design. Check to be sure all edges are adhered to the t-shirt. You can press the vinyl again if needed, or use a weeding tool to hold it down to the warm fabric until it melts in place. Be careful not to over press your vinyl. I have made this mistake and created scorch marks from the iron. If you have this problem, try dabbing the marks with white vinegar until they disappear.

Not sure you can figure it all out? Watch this FB live video I did! You can do it!

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Sew a Pocket Square in 3 Easy Steps

Sew a Pocket Square in 3 Easy Steps

This little Pocket square was easy to make for the finishing touch on my son’s tuxedo. Here’s how you can make it in just 3 easy steps!

Sew a Pocket Square in Just 3 Steps|Chambray Blues Blog|
You can sew a pocket square in just 3 easy steps!


Pocket Square How to 

Formal events are expensive. Every dollar you spend adds up so quickly, why not save a few bucks on the accessories? I recently made a pocket square for my son’s big night out at prom. It’s an easy project, you can complete it in less than 30 minutes. Here’s how! 

I used a scrap of fabric from my stash for this project. The deep red shade was just what I was looking for. This fabric is stretch cotton sateen, you can also use a knit or satin fabrics for this project. 

Tutorial: Three Easy Steps! 

1. Cut a square of fabric 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. Grainline doesn’t really matter here since it’s a square piece. 

2. Make a rolled hem by stitching a 1/4″ seam all the way around the edges. Press. 

3. Sew another row of hem stitching by turning the edge over again, and stitching in place. Press. 

That’s it! So easy! This would make a great gift for a groom or the groomsmen and adds so much class to the outfit. 

Sew a pocket square in just 3 easy steps|Chambray blues blog|



Fold your pocket square in quarters and tuck it into your jacket breast pocket. If you haven’t worn a pocket square before, you may need to open the basting stitches with a seam ripper, then tuck the square in place. 

You could also make a matching bow tie. If you want to see that tutorial, click here

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3 Step Pocket Square|Chambray blues|

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Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker

Super Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker

This simple bow tie is a fun project to make with your Cricut! Simplicity and Cricut are sponsoring me to make adorable this project, any opinions given are completely my own.

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|


Simple Bow Tie

This bow tie is easy to make with your Cricut Maker! My love affair with this little machine and Simplicity patterns is never ending! The Simplicity sewing pattern for this design is downloaded from Cricut Design Space to your Cricut, and precisely cut! All that is left to do is sew it together! Super fast construction and practically no effort on your part, not at all like cutting out a pattern on your own where there are so many steps to follow! This is the future of sewing!

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|

Our son needed a fun bow tie to wear to a graduation party. He didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I decided to make him one instead from this beautiful cotton fabric I had in my stash.

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|



Bow Tie Supplies Needed (affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you when you make a purchase.):

1. Cricut Maker (affiliate link)

2. Simplicity Bow Tie Pattern from Cricut Design Space, and printed pdf sewing directions

3. 5/8 yard woven cotton fabric

4. Rotary Fabric Cutting Blade

5. Fabric Grip Mat (pink)

6. Two sew on snaps

7. Cricut Fabric Pen

6. Sewing supplies, thread, pins, sewing machine


Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|


1. Trim fabric to be cut 9″ x 15″ for the 12 x 24″ fabric mat (keep the grain parallel to the 9″ side). Place fabric face down on mat, roll with Cricut roller to press in firmly in place FACE DOWN on mat.

2. Read through the sewing directions so you understand how the tie is put together before beginning.

3. Insert fabric grip mat into Cricut and cut the pattern. This pattern is a size 3T, which was a little small for my guy. So, I cut it TWICE from the same fabric and made the neck band longer to fit him. Read on…

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|

4. Pin bow sections right sides together and stitch along top and bottom long edge, leaving ends free. I measured my pieces to be sure they would be proportioned large enough for my son’s neck. They were a good size.

5. Turn bow Right side out. Stitch ends together. Bring seam to center.

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|

6. I added a little top stitching on either end of the bow to keep it in place.

7. Fold the band in half lengthwise. With right sides together, stitch raw edges of TWO band pieces together leaving an opening to turn on long edge (band should be long enough to go comfortably around the neck, and over lap by about 2″). Trim corners, then turn right side out and press.

8. Top stitch opening closed on band, or slip stitch with a needle and thread.

9. Turn know right side out, bring seam to center on underside and press in place. Fold in half lengthwise.

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|

10. Wrap center bow piece around middle of bow and attach to center front of band with slip stitch through all layers.

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|

11. Sew snaps on by hand at back of band, about 1″ apart.


Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut Maker|Chambray blues blog|

This tie looks so perfect on him, no one would ever know it’s really designed for a small child. My son had a ball at his party and has requested a couple more ties to go with some of his other outfits. So cool! Thanks to Simplicity and Cricut for sponsoring this post!

Simplicity Bow Tie with Cricut maker|Chambraybluesblog|
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p>This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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