Basic Tutorials

Basic Tutorials

If you are new to sewing this is the place to start!

11 Easy Tips for Sewing Knit Fabrics Like a Pro | Chambray Blues |
Sewing with Knits


Black Kimono with chiffon sleeves
Use one Kimono Pattern for 4 different Kimonos!


Embroidered tunic dress is easy to make with basic sewing skills. Add machine embroidery for interest. Is a great for sewing a vacation capsule wardrobe!|Chambray Blues Blog|
Make an embroidered tunic for a beautiful statement. Simple but elegant, ready to wear on vacation!


Self Draft a Simple Sequin skirt. You can work with sequins and make a beautiful skirt with a custom fit.
Here’s how to self draft a skirt!


Learn How to Make T-shirt graphics!